Shots into space miss target of healing earth |

Shots into space miss target of healing earth

As I was watching the spaceship Columbia burst into flames, I had a stroke of enlightenment.

This interesting thought stuck with me all day, and I do believe it will for the rest of my life. Why did seven people have to die? What was their monumental purpose? And what are we, intelligent monkeys as we are, doing in outer space?

It so happened I was at work at the time and took it upon myself to do a little questioning of the general Summit County public. The question I posed was, “Do you think spending billions of dollars on space exploration is important to the human society as a whole?”

More than half of the people thought it was. And when questioned as to why this was, people said space travel is important for finding more habitable environments because Earth is too screwed up to fix.

This was the most horrid attitude about our future I have ever heard, and this was the general consensus.

It’s no wonder we are going to war, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that the resource at stake in our industrial society happens to be crude oil.

Strangling ourselves and then spending billions in some sort of interplanetary quest to salvage our ever-craving ways is absurd. We are skating around the problem that faces us on the game board where we have all been placed.

In typical Amer-european fashion, we are wanting more to solve the problem of not having enough, instead of learning about the problem and going without.

It is most definitely a dreamer who is writing this.

But what scientist dreamed of a colony on Mars to fix the overpopulation problem? Come on, we are wasting our time and our money on space exploration. We should focus our care more on the healing of our planet from the inside rather than from the outside. It can. It will. And it must be done. But not by carrying around the aforementioned attitudes. We all must take a small part and begin to realign our world again.

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