SHS Music Department says ‘thanks’ |

SHS Music Department says ‘thanks’

Guests at “Dancing and Delectables,” an SHS Music Department fundraiser, had an opportunity to sample more than 30 desserts donated by restaurants and businesses in Summit County and to vote on their favorites. The top 10 favorites were: tira misu from Toscato’s, peach raspberry cobbler from Arapahoe Cafe, vanilla avalanche cookies from Mountain Mary’s, fudge n nutty from Mountain Mary’s, pumpkin cheesecake from The Warming Hut, chocolate mousse from CMC Culinary Institute, maple star anise from Cafe ProFustion, vanilla pudding with chocolate sauce from Peppino’s, apple pie from Foote’s Rest, brownies from Backcountry Brewery.

Much thanks to all our contributors who helped make the event a tasty delight.

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