Sign says it all to bicyclists |

Sign says it all to bicyclists

I have several things that I could comment on, but I think a sign is worth a thousand words. Bicyclists want to be treated with respect, and like every other vehicle on the road.

Well, if that is the case I think they should have a license and registration for on-road travel and they should have to be insured.

Oh wait a minute, it’s a bike. We have to register a Bobcat that travels about 3 mph but not a bike that can travel at 30 mph.

But back to the subject of what is legal and what is not. Maybe cyclists should learn to read. It is illegal to ride bikes across the Dam Road. Once again a sign is worth a thousand words, or in this case six words – “BICYCLES PROHIBITED FROM ROADWAY ACROSS DAM.”

It’s not that you don’t have the right, it’s that you should be more thoughtful of your life. We have more vehicles on two lanes of traffic then most cities have on six.

What? You have to slow down on the bike path for other bikers, aka tourists. That is such a lame excuse. What, it’s OK to slow down a 3,500-pound car going 50-60 mph to 15-20 mph, but not for you to slow down for another bike?

This is going to offend all bikers in the county. If it’s between me having a head-on collision and/or hitting a bike, sorry, you lose.

Is it not bad enough that we have to slow down for tourists, our life blood, I might add. Should we have to slow down for a bicyclist that could be riding perfectly safe on a multi-million-dollar bike path built just for you?

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