Signs of the times could solve tobacco use rules |

Signs of the times could solve tobacco use rules

The smoking issue is an opportunity to vote on both our perception of our visitors’ collective intelligence and our own. 

People here care, want to make a difference, and we prefer nonsmoking establishments. We have here an opportunity, and, I think, a duty to attempt to improve upon what others have done. Can we preserve freedom while protecting the innocent? I believe so.

To aid consumers, a strict multilingual sign ordinance would be required. Small, inconspicuous signs for healthy establishments, and big, ugly, standardized, street-sign-style for smoking spots, including health warnings, and all at the businesses expense, should be fine.

There should then be no doubt as to how stinky and dangerous it is inside.

Those still staying stinky would be forced to prohibit entry, or employment, of persons under the legal tobacco consumption age. This would protect those too young to make their own decisions and protect children from irresponsible, ignorant or otherwise challenged parents.

Firms remaining smoky would be required to print health warnings in help wanted ads.

Prior to employment, applicants would be required to read a surgeon general’s brochure and sign standardized releases regarding tobacco-related health damage.

With Internet translation, document presentation in almost any of earth’s languages should be easy.

In this way, nobody would be surprised to find their new job is at a smoker-friendly company.

Once again, our community has the chance to be a model for the future, or just follow others.

The real question we’ll vote on is whether we as consumers and businesspersons, and our visitors, are smart and informed enough to make choices.

I prefer to, and can, make informed choices! I will not vote myself, you, and everyone else dumb by supporting an outright ban.

Erik Hamilton


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