Silverthorne rec staff starts improving services, facility |

Silverthorne rec staff starts improving services, facility

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Silverthorne, Colorado

SILVERTHORNE – With a green light from town council, Silverthorne’s recreation department is starting to make improvements to its facility and services. Its No. 1 goal is to prioritize all its community services to figure out which programs should receive top funding levels and where cuts should be placed. Small facility improvements are also in the works for the recreation center.

“Staff and council understand that the strategy about the cost recovery is really necessary as the first strategy,” said Joanne Breigenzer, the recreation and culture director for the Town of Silverthorne. She noted that it’s a detailed process outlining all the programs and services that Silverthorne offers as a whole department, categorizing them from which ones have the most community benefit or individual benefit.

Silverthorne’s recreation services, facility and programs are subsidized by the town, Breigenzer said, so “once you place things on the pyramid, the greatest subsidy goes to services that serve the community at the greatest level.”

Breigenzer and staff will do this internally, and it will be a long, difficult process, she said. The proposal will be given to council for a final decision.

At a recent work session, the Silverthorne Town Council also gave its recreation department a green light to “empower” the staff. This will enable Breigenzer to carry out recommendations given by GreenPlay LLC, a Broomfield company, after months of time-consuming inquiry into concepts for improving town recreation. Final recommendations came from GreenPlay in July.

“We’ve completed the study and the intention is not to have the study sit on a shelf,” Breigenzer said. “We’re supposed to take goals and recommendations and implement them over time. The rec staff needs to be given the OK to do something with it and that it’s important. Council agreed with that and that’s been the intention all along.”

The Silverthorne Recreation Center will also be seeing some minor improvements to its facility in the coming year, despite the poor economy. One of GreenPlay’s major goals for the town was to renovate and expand. In keeping to that, Silverthorne has plans to improve the men’s locker room, though funding could be slashed if the recession cuts even deeper into 2010.

According to Breigenzer, there’s $55,000 in Silverthorne’s 2010 asset management plan to replace the men’s locker room lockers and countertops.

“We’ve just selected two (projects) to begin research because we know that major expansions won’t happen right now,” she added. “We can make small improvements though right away.”

And Breigenzer had a meeting with the recreation staff to get going on projects Friday – the Recreation and Culture Department management team is comprised of the director, six coordinators and an administrative assistant.

“Changes won’t be immediate, but the work has started,” she said. “There’s definitely movement. That’s where we want to be.”

Other long-term goals, such as large facility renovations and additional classes, will happen as funding becomes available. There’s currently no timeline for many projects outlined in GreenPlay’s list of recommendations for the future of Silverthorne recreation.

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