Silverthorne Recreation Center loses big in Fitness Challenge |

Silverthorne Recreation Center loses big in Fitness Challenge


The 2005 Fitness Challenge at the Silverthorne Recreation Center ended on March 30th. The Fitness Challenge has been a regular program offered by the Recreation Center for more than nine years, originated by personal trainer Jackie McPheeters. The 12-week challenge began on January 10 with 37 participants. Each participant had initial testing which included weight, measurements, body composition and a before picture. Personal goals were set for each person. Every Monday, the participants met for an optional weekly weigh-in and a fitness class led by one of the recreation department’s personal trainers. The classes included information and tools to provide overall health and fitness, such as nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, core work, indoor cycling, stress management and more. The overall goal of the program is to provide enough information to participants, so they can make healthy lifestyle changes.

The participants competed with themselves and others to provide motivation to become and stay fit. “The camaraderie this year was great,” said fitness coordinator Renee Rogers. “The participants really helped support and encourage each other to reach their goals and shared weekly successes, helping to keep everyone on their toes.”After 12 weeks the participants had final testing which included weight, measurements, body composition and an after picture. Points were given for each improvement. If someone lost 10 pounds, they got 10 points. There was amazing success this year with some great improvements and phenomenal results. Prizes were awarded to the top-four finishers. Overall, there were 23 participants who completed testing. “It is always a little frustrating for us to see that some people give up because they are not reaching their initial goals, but truthfully they are probably being too hard on themselves and would benefit from final testing, even if the goals haven’t been met yet,” said Rogers.

The top nine participants were judged on their before and after pictures, and final places were awarded based on all the criteria. The first-place winner, Kari Olsen, received an annual membership to the Recreation Center. Olsen lost 30 pounds, gained muscle mass and had a 15.5 percent drop in her body composition. She attended every Monday evening session offered, cut out junk food and fast food, ate five small meals daily, modified her favorite meals to be lower in fat and calories and had an occasional treat. She also exercised with weights six days a week and a minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning daily. She stayed motivated by reading articles about other peoples’ success stories and didn’t force herself to do anything she didn’t like or eat anything she didn’t want. She made it part of her lifestyle. The second place winner, John Harty, received a six-month membership to the Recreation Center. John lost 30.5 pounds and 10 inches in his waist. He stayed focused and exercised for a minimum of one hour per day using various machines at the Recreation Center. He made small changes to his diet and started to drink more water and less beer.

The third place winner, Susan Smith Kubes, received a one month membership to the Recreation Center. Smith Kubes kept a fitness journal and documented all of her daily workouts, which included numerous fitness classes at the Recreation Center. She lost 20 pounds and 10 percent body fat. Susan attended the Monday night Fitness Challenge classes and really made a transformation. Her key to success was variety and eating healthfully. The fourth-place winner, Theo Barron, received a $25 gift certificate to the Recreation Center. Barron cut calories and chose smaller portions. She exercised daily with a variety including water aerobics, skiing, Curves, weight training and walking. One day she walked from Curves in Frisco all the way to Straight Creek in Dillon Valley. She lost 29 pounds and said the best compliment she received was “you look like your pants are going to fall off!” The success does not stop there. We had five more individuals with great results and one individual who also quit smoking during the challenge. The honorary mentions are Lori Lebaron, Cynthia Goda, Barb Richard, Sheri Weinman and Lacey Story. Combined, all challengers lost a total of 184 pounds, 93 percent body fat and 121 inches. Congratulations to all participants, and keep up the lifelong goal of health and fitness. For questions or more information regarding the Fitness Challenge, please contact Renee Rogers at (970) 262-7374.

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