Silverthorne reviews 2010 revised budget in work session |

Silverthorne reviews 2010 revised budget in work session

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SILVERTHORNE – The Town of Silverthorne is looking at a flat 2010 budget comparable to 2006 levels, said financial director Donna Braun at a work session Tuesday.

The town said it plans to keep four vacancies open, and it’s even hoping to have five-six openings in 2010 for payroll savings. It was also noted that overtime has been severely limited and out-of-state travel expenses aren’t in the budget. Limited overtime for town employees could potentially be available for snow removal and in times of sickness.

“Who would have known a year ago that we’d be here today, but here we are,” Braun said of budget revisions. She additionally noted that the town is taking each month as it comes.

Though Braun predicted that revenues would decrease for the town in 2010, she did say that she expects revenue from the Silverthorne Recreation Center to increase because more people are using it in the down economy.

Braun mentioned another silver lining – the contributions and scholarships fund awarded to individuals and organizations will not be cut.

“There’s just a lot of demand out there,” she said.

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Councilwoman Peggy Long agreed with Braun, saying: “It’s important to give back to the community.”

Including in-kind donations, the town gives out about $75,000 each year.

Braun also said that when the economy tanked in 2002, “it took two years to come back out of it. We expect it (the current economic climate) to be a long recovery.”

The Town of Silverthorne’s staff and council will likely meet to discuss policies about reducing services versus using fund reserves if the economy continues to falter.

“At this point we’ve been able to maintain service levels,” said town manager Kevin Batchelder.