Silverthorne turns to mail-in ballots |

Silverthorne turns to mail-in ballots

Somewhat reluctantly, the Silverthorne Town Council agreed to run its next election via mail-in ballot.

There will still be voting booths at Town Hall for those who wish to vote in person for the April town council election, but the mail-in process is expected to garner more participation, save money, and make it easier to vote.

The new method brings numbers, Silverthorne Mayor Dave Koop said.

“If your purpose is to hear from voters what they want, we’re getting there,” he said.

There was some nostalgia for the traditional process. Councilmember Dave Anderson noted that the mail-in process means campaigns must start earlier.

The new method was approved four to one, with Bruce Butler dissenting. Vince Lanuza was absent.

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Butler said because of the transient nature of Summit County’s residents, it could open the door to “improperly cast ballots,” he said, adding that quantity doesn’t always mean quality. It may be easier to vote, but that doesn’t mean voters are considering their options as closely.

– Janice Kurbjun