Singing the P.O. Box blues |

Singing the P.O. Box blues

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In most of Summit County, postalworkers don’t deliver in rain, sleet orsnow. In fact, they don’t even deliverin sunshine.Very few places in the countyreceive postal service. Many years ago,the postal service developed routeswithin Summit Cove, Keystone andplaces north of Silverthorne. If you livein these areas, you can check with yourlocal post offi ce to see if you’re on theroute. If so, you’re one of the select fewwho can apply for home delivery. Therest of us have to venture out in therain, sleet, snow and sunshine to pickup and send our mail at the post offi ce.But there is a silver lining: EveryAmerican is entitled to free delivery,said Dillon postal worker Rick Sprague.And that means free post offi ce boxesfor all who aren’t in the mail-deliverysystem.All you have to do is bring your leaseor a piece of mail, such as a bill, thatshows your name and physical addressto prove, indeed, you are one of theunlucky people who need a P.O. box.And you’ll have to present two formsof identifi cation – one with your best,or worst, mug on it.The good part about having a boxis you don’t have to worry about mailpiling up outside your house whenyou go on one of those well-deservedvacations after a hard season’s worth ofwork. Plus, the post offi ce is much likea social club – you’ll run into yourneighbors and friends.But are you ready for the worst partof being a P.O. boxer? OK. Here goes:Rampant confusion.That’s right. The rest of the worldcan’t even fathom us mountain residentswho live without mail delivery.So, credit card companies will demandyou give a physical address to them.If they’re competent, they’ll fl ag – inbright yellow arrows or something- that your card must go to yourP.O. box, not your physical address. Ifthey’re incompetent, get ready for aseries of calls, inquiring what happenedto your credit card. Same goes with anyother shipment.Bottom line: Be as clear as you can,and follow up if you haven’t received arequested item in a reasonable amountof time. When people send you apackage, fi nd out if they’re sending itby regular mail or FedEx or UPS. ForFedEx or UPS shipments, they’ll needyour physical address.Oh, and don’t assume you’ll actuallyget that $15 rebate on rechargeablebatteries or whatever item marketerslured you to buy in promise of a rebate.Most rebates say “no P.O. boxes,” andcompanies don’t seem to care that youlive in the mountains with no maildelivery.So what’s a rebate fanatic to do?Well, one of our residents went so faras to take a picture of himself in frontof his house, with mountain peaks inthe background. He sent the picture tothe company giving rebates, explaininghis plight. They sent him the rebate.But we suggest a simpler solution:Find friends or family members whoreceive mail at a physical address andwho won’t take your rebate and run.Use their address on the rebate form.It’s just easier.

Bring a lease or another bill with your nameand physical address to prove you live there,and two forms of identifi cation; one must bea photo ID.

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