Single in Summit: Take advantage of the busy season |

Single in Summit: Take advantage of the busy season

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I’m seeing holidays in a new light this year. They’re a great time to meet new people.

I’m also thankful for winter ” first, because I love to ride the mountains and second, because with the snow comes seasonal workers, or more importantly, single women.

Perhaps I was spending too much time in front of the TV and not enough at the vet clinic, but I was having a hard time meeting anyone. That all changed not too long ago starting with a holiday that involved people wielding knives, an invasion of little Borg people running around with a common mission to procure all things sugar and large populations of people, yelling, singing, and stumbling.

October 31st found me debating whether or not to head downtown for Ladies Night at Johnny G’s, one of Frisco’s popular bars. I’d just spent several hours making the most horrific noises with my bass guitar at one of my twice-weekly band practices and was ready for bed.

Tired from my unnatural get-to-work-before-noon full-time job hours, I sucked it up, rummaged through my closet, and came up with my Halloween costume, a poor imitation of the bass player from Spinal Tap, Derek Smalls. I stuffed a roll of toilet paper down the front of my cargo shorts and headed out the door with blackened fingernails, a Slash T-shirt, and a black wig that looked like it got in a fight with a can of hair spray, a crimper and Frank Zappa’s ghost.

I arrived outside Johnny’s at 11 p.m. to find a packed house smelling of sweat on a man. Flashing my ID it didn’t take the doorman long to recognize I’d past the point of legality many moons ago.

I wormed my way to the bar, trying not to make eye contact with any blitzkrieged mean types and get in line. I had hoped the dance floor would be pumping but instead it was in the middle of a costume contest. At the bar I ordered my favorite bar beverage these days, a Sprite, and then watched the end of the contest.

I can’t remember who won but I do remember Gary as Muhammed from Team America, Gene Simmons as Kiss, not to mention Justin Timberlake, complete with box.

It wasn’t until the music came on and I was out practicing my dance video moves that I bumped into a salty wench in a pirate costume that didn’t run away when I rrrr’ed back. After dancing several songs in close proximity, trying to keep the dragon’s breath from offending her, the pirate and I stepped out for a bit of fresh air and some linguistics.

We seemed to be getting along so I asked for and received her number. I was less successful with another lady, a sorceress, who I started talking to while watching the costume contest. Despite a decent conversation and one dance on the floor, when I asked the enchanted one if she’d like to hang out sometime all I received was a, “Potentially” along with, “You know where I work …”

In the meantime, it’s been full sail ahead with the salty wench: ice-cream dates, dinners, snowboarding and movies. So for any single men out there, with the start of the holiday season, I’d recommend getting out there and establishing new connections while the time is ripe.

Mark Pearson searches for the meaning of life as a single man in the Rocky Mountains.

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