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"Sisters’ provides bang for the buck

What happens when a midlife crisis comes banging on a rock-star groupie’s front door?

Like a lot of groupies, the plot of “The Banger Sisters” isn’t overly original, but it’s a fun fling for an evening.

After Suzette’s (Goldie Hawn’s) boss fires her from the nightclub she gained fame from, she drives to Phoenix to score some cash and good-time memories from fellow groupie Vinnie (Susan Sarandon).

On her way, she picks up Harry (Geoffrey Rush), an obsessive-compulsive writer with a block the size of Manhattan, and crashes his perfectly straightened hotel room, with silicon popping out of her tight-fitting clothes.

Then, she reacquaints herself with Vinnie, who has transformed her wild streak into the stereotype of an uptight, goodie-two-shoes socialite. Vinnie even stashes her two, teen-age daughters in the adjacent wing, so as not to see their pubescent wanderings.

Effervescent Suzette infuses the uptight characters surrounding her, resulting in hilarious, and even touching moments. Her rattlin’ ways have mellowed, leaving her with a youthful, free-spirited maturity, which ultimately speaks to Vinnie and Harry.

Though a few scenes between Harry and Suzette are funny, the movie would have been just as well off focusing on Suzette’s relationship with Vinnie and her family. The real fun begins when Vinnie realizes her entire wardrobe is beige. She chops her neat hair, slithers into Suzette’s snake pants and relives old times – particularly with a shoe box full of old Polaroids measuring up rock stars.

After a wild night, Screenwriter Bob Dolman attempts to take us down to the soul of the sisters. Just when I thought the movie couldn’t get sappier as Suzette and Vinnie implore Harry to make peace with his past, up steps Vinnie’s valedictorian daughter rousing the audience with her glorious graduation speech.

It was too much. Sure, the movie had to end in a way that didn’t make millions of suburban mothers want to hit the road and see how many rock stars they could notch under their belts, but it could have spared the tinsel-town hope.

Despite its flaws, “The Banger Sisters” provides a great one-night stand, providing a good time that’s well worth a couple of bucks.

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