Skateboard manifesto: More freedoms, less stereotyping |

Skateboard manifesto: More freedoms, less stereotyping

I am a student at Summit High School, and I love to skateboard. I have been doing it for two summers now, and it seems that everywhere I used to skate has a “No Skateboarding” sign up. I think that that is not fair.

Regardless of what many people think, all skateboarders are not troublemakers, and we all do not go out and say “I want to destroy property today.”

In my two summers of skating, I do not think I have ruined one piece of property. All I might do is leave a paint mark on a ledge if I even land my trick. Also, I think that the stereotype of skaters being lazy drug users is bull. We are definitely not lazy and a lot of us do not use drugs.

We are doing an activity that is healthy and we are getting good exercise. We are using our time wisely, and it is better than being a lazy fat kid on a couch watching Jerry Springer. If you do not think it is a hard activity, go out and try it.

It is a lot more work than you think. I know many of you are now going to say there are skateparks all across the county and I should go there and skate.

Well, I have to tell you many of us skaters do not like the parks because they are not as fun as going to find a nice ledge somewhere to skate and just chill with our friends.

Also, parks were built to just keep us confined to one area and still have the cops patrol it, telling us we have to wear a helmet or we will get a ticket. The cops then patrol us out of that area, saying that we can’t skate here or there.

It has gotten so bad that the cops won’t even let you skate down Main Street in Breckenridge. So I am here to say please, do not let this get to far and let us skate where we want to with out getting hassled by the cops on the streets or in the parks.

Cody Lewark

Summit High School

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