Skier rescued after stomping "Help" in the snow |

Skier rescued after stomping "Help" in the snow

SNOWMASS – A skier who got lost in a drainage after leaving Snowmass Ski Area boundaries is uninjured, Pitkin County sheriff’s officials said.She was rescued after stomping “Help” into the snow Saturday.”She was just happy to be out of the area,” sheriff’s office spokesman Mario Strobl said.Rescuers began looking for her after the sheriff’s office received a report of a single ski track going into the drainage at about 3:30 p.m. She was rescued around 6 p.m.The skier, whose name was not available, is a two-year local resident, Strobl said.Mountain Rescue Aspen President Hugh Zuker said his group recommends that backcountry novices never leave ski area boundaries without an experienced guide, proper training and proper equipment.”The problem is these drainages lead into waterfalls, creeks, deadfall (trees) and cliff bands, and the route out is counterintuitive,” Zuker said.

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