Skiveers to sell Danish pancake creations in Frisco |

Skiveers to sell Danish pancake creations in Frisco

Kathryn Turner
Summit Daily News

64th Annual Tivoli Festival at Aldersly Garden Retirement Community, Sunday, Septeber 19, 2010

Aebleskivers are a little hard to explain, but once you see one, you get the idea.

“We are definitely going into a business where nobody knows what we’re making,” laughed Jason Brewer, who is opening a vendor trailer in Frisco selling the creations along with his fiancee Mary Anne Avery. They may be hard to explain, “but we just call it delicious,” he said.

The concoction, of Danish origin, can be described as a pancake sphere – it’s cooked in a cast iron pan with semi-circle dents on one side, then as it puffs, spun around with sticks. While the menu is still being finalized, the couple plans on selling them from a 170-square-foot custom-made trailer next to Moose Jaw in a few different varieties – traditional, wheat, gluten and dairy free, and even an egg version. There will be numerous fillings to choose from, like fresh fruit, and toppings like powdered sugar (extra powder on powder days, Brewer said) and homemade flavored butters that are almost like icing. In the afternoons and at nights, savory flavors (like pizza) will make an appearance, and some evenings will have special themes – like a Japanese night. There will be seating outside where people can enjoy French press coffee and flavored hot chocolates along with their meal.

While toppings like the flavored butters may sound a little rich, overall, the menu is pretty healthy, Avery said.

Everything’s “as fresh as we can get,” Brewer said.

The business name is Skiveers, an easier play on the pancake name, and it begins with “ski,” Brewer said.

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The couple got the idea from Avery’s father – he bought a pan after visiting one of the few restaurants in the country that sells the pancakes.

“We kind of both looked at it independently and thought, ‘wow, that would work,'” Avery said.

The creations supposedly date back to the Vikings, who tried cooking pancakes in dented shields and ended up with aebleskivers, Avery said.

The couple – who have been eating the pancakes at home constantly for a few months – feel Frisco is the perfect place for their new business.

“We just found the right product for the right location,” Brewer said.

There will be a grand-opening for Skiveers later this month; look for soft-openings before then.