Smith: Cartoon propaganda on sequestration |

Smith: Cartoon propaganda on sequestration

Steve Smith, Dillon

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, you printed an editorial cartoon depicting and elephant (Republican) wielding a chain saw labeled sequestration threatening Uncle Sam. Do you have any commitment to the truth or do you just mindlessly print propaganda? This cartoon is wrong on so many levels. Sequestration was the idea of Obama. The federal budget has automatic increases built into it which exceed the amount of any cuts proposed in sequestration. So there are actually no cuts, just a reduction in the amount of increase. The administration has embarked on a fear campaign of lies. They don’t really need your help.

I lived in California in the ’80s during a time of budget cutting. The first thing they would do is close the libraries and turn off the street lights. Never mind all the worthless wasteful spending. Government just cannot do with less, even though everyone else is. The news today includes Obama releasing illegals being held by INS. What next? Closing the libraries?

Steve Smith, Dillon

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