Smoke-training today in Silverthorne |

Smoke-training today in Silverthorne

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Summit County firefighters will undergo air-management training in demanding drills today, Tuesday and Thursday at an old car dealership in Silverthorne.

When rushing into a burning building, the main mission of firefighters is to do what they can to save life and property. But, with their adrenaline pumping, it sometimes becomes easy to forget that they only have a limited supply of air to work with.

“Air is one of those things we all take for granted until we need it,” said battalion chief Herb George with the High Country Training Center. “If you are a firefighter headed into a burning building or other dangerous environment where you have to bring your own air in, you better know how to manage it.”

The training will take place at the vacant car dealership at 210 Buffalo Mountain Drive in Silverthorne thanks to the generosity of the owners and Larry Laid, the property manager.

Artificial smoke will be used to simulate fire conditions, and firefighters will practice their skills in demanding drills while keeping a close eye on their air levels to ensure they have more than enough air to get out of the building safely.

The three-day training will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, and residents are asked to keep a safe distance when observing the activity.

“In the past decade, just under 100 firefighters have died from asphyxiation in buildings,” George said. “This training is to ensure our firefighters here in Summit do not join those ranks.”

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