Smoking ban: Summit County should ask "when,’ not "if’ |

Smoking ban: Summit County should ask "when,’ not "if’

Since moving to California from Summit County two years ago, I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be in an enclosed area where people are smoking.

It’s a wonderful thing. Humans are remarkably adaptable, and all the smoking humans out here have simply moved outside with their habit – grumbling, for sure, but they’re mostly over it now.

Since there’s no longer any disputing the fact that second-hand smoke is a health risk, the question Summit County’s public officials should be asking is not “if” they should ban smoking, but “when.” That smoking was socially acceptable for many years does not negate the fact that tobacco is a hazardous substance, and all other arguments about convenience, tourist preferences or anything else are really beside the point. One of the primary functions of government is to ensure public safety, and banning smoking fits very neatly into that category.

Yes, I used to smoke myself, but if anyone ever asked me to go outside with it, I didn’t question it – it’s nasty stuff. Not all smokers are so accommodating, and the only way you’ll ever have smoke-free indoor environments in Summit County is be enacting an ordinance enforcing such.

It’s the safe and sane thing to do.

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