Smoking bans are unconstitutional; don’t settle for 10 p.m. compromise |

Smoking bans are unconstitutional; don’t settle for 10 p.m. compromise

As second homeowners in Summit County for 20 years and as former smokers, we cannot believe the controversy about your smoking issue.Being a smoker or a nonsmoker is a personal decision based on the freedom we’re entitled to by living in America. As we understand, there are about 300 dining places in Summit County. Smoking was allowed legally. Along come a group of people on a mission, to interfere and get an ordnance passed to prohibit smoking in privately run establishments. This is so unconstitutional. We give credit to the bar owners Scott Jackson and Linda Colety seeking signatures on the petitions to allow smoking in local bars after 10 p.m. However, we encourage them to take it one step further and have the ordinance repealed. We would bet only 20 or so bars actually go back to smoking in the county. What is wrong with that? It’s their business and government should not be telling them how to run it. There are 280-plus other places for the nonsmokers to dine. Bar owners say business is down 35 percent to 45 percent and this trend will continue with the coming winter as customers and my friends will not stand outside in 20 degree weather and smoke. The nonsmokers are not supporting the establishments like they said they would. Visitors will bring their own beverages and food and settle in their homes and condos and enjoy their freedom to smoke. This will also affect retail stores as people shop while walking from their condos to restaurants/bars and back. So much for improving the local economy. Our opinion is based on spending half our time in Summit County and half our time in Denver.We have visited numerous establishments and see the decline in patrons. We also know that there are a handful of bars in each town that want to have smoking allowed to keep their businesses going. This information comes from employees – bartenders and cocktail waitresses who have watched their income decline. Why is Summit County so afraid to keep freedom of choice alive?

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