Smoking is about our lives |

Smoking is about our lives

Recent articles on the issue of smoking have centered around “another example of how the government controls our lives.”This is not about our government. This is about the citizens of Summit County deciding for themselves that secondhand smoke kills. The recent decision by the Denver City Council is a great example of government controlling lives; they wouldn’t even let it go to a public hearing. Instead, they decided for the public that it wasn’t an important issue. I’m glad I don’t live in Denver.The citizens of Summit County have the right to vote on this very important quality-of-life issue. The Breckenridge Restaurant Association is all in favor of a statewide law governing smoking (so are we).Before that can happen, individual counties must step forward and lead the way. Summit County has the opportunity to show leadership in the state by adopting a smoke-free policy. Do we honestly think people will not come to Summit County because they can’t smoke in a public building? I think most people come to Summit County because we’re “Colorado’s Playground.”That’s going to stop because they can’t smoke in a restaurant or bar?We made the decision to go non-smoking in our restaurant in early May and I can say firsthand that our business has seen a positive increase as a result. We get new customers everyday because we’re nonsmoking.We’d like to thank our regular clientele who do smoke for their continued support. As they’ve all said, “I don’t come here to smoke, I come here because I like it.” Don’t you think most of Colorado and the tourists who visit here would say the same thing about Summit County?Oh … and on the subject of secondhand smoke, acetone, ammonia, arsenic, benzene, butane, cadmium, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, methanol, polonium-210 and toluene are just a handful of the harmful chemicals we nonsmokers inhale from our smoking friends ( And yet we complain everyday about the exhaust from a bus on Main Street.Larry and Karen EllingsonMrs. E & MeBreckenridge

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