Snyder: What are we afraid of? |

Snyder: What are we afraid of?

William Snyder

Growing up in Central Illinois and being a part of a conservative family during the time of Ronald Reagan, I was proud to be part of the Republican Party as it shared my basic values of individual and fiscal responsibility. Even though I was relatively young at the time, I was inspired by Reagan’s optimistic message and view of our country.

Since that time, my perception has changed as the Republican Party has moved in a direction that is unrecognizable to me. I have no idea what the party really stands for at this point. Even worse is the politics of fear that are being used by Republicans in the current campaign. I certainly know what the party is against. What are we for? Republicans have not advanced a single serious idea on how to address the problems we face.

Our county certainly faces big challenges, but they are nothing compared to the challenges that we have faced in the past. The things that make this country great – diversity, freedom, opportunity, the rule of law – together with our human and natural resources truly do make us exceptional in our own way. There is really nothing to be afraid of and nothing we can’t solve when we work together.

This is not intended to be an article about why you should support the Democrats. This is about how the Republic Party is losing the hearts and minds of people, young and old, that share our ideals. I can’t imagine my nieces and nephews back in Illinois being inspired by anything coming out of the party now. Who is inspiring them? George W. Bush? Mitt Romney? I seriously doubt it. If you really need to be afraid of something, be afraid of that.

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