So long Borders, Blockbuster – we’ll miss you |

So long Borders, Blockbuster – we’ll miss you

With all the brouhaha about less development and maintaining that cozy mountain feel in our county, I have yet to talk with anyone who is glad to see Borders or Blockbuster or Old Navy bid us adieu. Yes of course, there were the good old days, before Target, or Walmart even, but I for one am not pining for them. Like my pop always used to say: Be careful what you wish for … and my guess is that even those folks who aren’t particularly fond of development may wonder if losing these stores is a step in the right direction. Initially, I recall some pretty strong opposition when Borders first pitched its location to the Town of Dillon. Not unexpectedly, local booksellers were concerned about the impact Borders would have on their businesses. What we’ve seen, however, is during hard times the giants are not immune to a fall. For me, it never really was the big box persona I experienced when walking through the doors, but instead a store filled with local faces, friends and literary confidantes able to point me in just the right direction to find a perfect book to assuage my young child’s hunger for mysteries. And, there was that kind soul who intuitively knew what my mother-in-law would like to read next. From the wrapping table to benefit our local animal shelter to bilingual story times, it was the people who literally made the difference, and you all should know you’ve been appreciated. In fact, one friend confided that her 10-year-old daughter burst into tears when she heard the Borders store was to close. I know we live in a beautiful place, but there’s a piece of me that will miss the different kind of beauty associated with simply browsing bestsellers. I will do my best to view this as a chance to venture a bit further afield for my book fix, and do look forward to making new connections. Our family too, certainly will miss checking out the new movie posters and eyeing every possible type of candy at Blockbuster. On long winter nights scouring the shelves to find just the right movie to curl up with provided a great outlet. Our kids got a real kick out of taking in their reports cards to get their own rentals. So, while I don’t expect we will go into serious movie withdrawal, it’s just not going to be the same looking at the titles through a computer screen. Old Navy, too, carved out a spot, providing a place for the hip (and hip wannabes). Though I never really got the hang of how they actually sized their jeans, with two kids constantly growing, the clearance racks were a must. My best Old Navy experience, however, came while we had a visiting teacher from Spain staying with us last year. One of his most prize possessions was the 99 cent T-shirt printed with the American flag he located at the store. I’m not sure what he was most proud of – the flag or the 99-cent sale price. And now I hear Harry & David has departed with little warning, and I do hope it’s the end of this trend. Yes, I know the loss of these stores may pale in comparison to the losses other communities have experienced, but from my perspective it’s still a big blow to our little community. So, to the countless individuals who were the faces behind the big boxes, it’s been a good run. And, in case I forgot to say thank you the last time I was in, please know my gratitude is genuine. You all have contributed to some great times for our family – whether reading, watching or just pining for flip-flop season. We’ve appreciated your kindness through the years and will miss your hospitality. Cindy Bargell lives outside of Silverthorne with her husband and two daughters. She is a card-carrying PTSA member, real estate and natural resources lawyer and part-time gymnastics coach. She welcomes your comments at

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