Soldiers saved the day on a bad night |

Soldiers saved the day on a bad night

Nov. 28 was not a good night to be on the road, but like many others I was just trying to get home.The roads were icy, it was snowing and there was quite a bit of traffic. I knew the bridges were icy, but slowing down to 55 mph was not enough. I hit the ice and started to fish tail. When I thought I almost had it, I hit another patch of icy and spun my car in a complete circle and went off the side of the road on westbound Interstate 80, right after mile marker 8, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I braced myself for the car to role down the side of the hill and told my husband to hold on. When we finally stopped, we were upright and everyone was OK. We didn’t role. We landed between the on ramp and the interstate, way out where obviously a car shouldn’t be. I checked on my 17-month-old daughter and on my 7-month-old son.My husband got out and checked the car. I kept thinking to myself that someone would surely stop. There were at least six cars behind me when it happened. Nobody stopped. We turned on the hazard lights and started for the on ramp but couldn’t get out of the ditch. We then headed for the road under I-80 and again failed to get out. We were in a Ford Focus, and with a blown out tire and the other completely bald, it was impossible to get the car back on the road. After about 15 minutes of waiting for someone to stop, two cars pulled up. Both of them were full of guys between the ages of 18 and 21, I’d guess. They were all wearing camouflage clothing that had U.S. Army written on it. They asked how they could help us. One of them called for a tow truck and let us know it was on its way. They all stood around and talked to my husband while I kept the kids entertained in the car. It was very cold out, and they easily could have waited in their car, but didn’t. Another man wearing the same clothing drove up in a big Chevrolet truck. He offered to pull us out with a chain so we would not have to pay for towing. We gratefully excepted the offer. The same man that called for the tow truck called and canceled so we wouldn’t have to pay them if they decided to charge us anyway. They hooked up the car and pulled us right out. They offered to help change the tire, but my husband insisted he could get it from there. After that they all left. We left the hazard lights on so people would know we were changing the tire and were close to the edge of the road. When the cars would go by, they wouldn’t bother to switch lanes and would come within inches of hitting my husband. A plow truck even did the same thing. We had a police officer go by and didn’t even stop. We still had the hazards on, and he drove right by. I have no idea who the men that stopped were, but I am very thankful for all that they did. They simply stopped on a cold night when no one else would, that was a lot. They do so much for our country as it is. To whomever these men were, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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