Some like it, some don’t |

Some like it, some don’t

Compiled by Julie Sutor
AP Photo/Gerald HerbertDemocratic presidential candidate Sen.John Kerry, D-Mass., announces his selection of John Edwards to be his running mate during a campaign rally in downtown Pittsburgh, Tuesday, July 6, 2004.

On Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry selected Senator John Edwards (D-N.C.) to be his running mate. Conservatives and liberals in Summit County sounded off on Kerry’s choice and the presidential race. Colorado politicians weren’t shy about sharing their opinions either.”Edwards is an extremely, bright, capable, articulate member of the party. He can motivate all kinds of people around a message of hope and regime-change that we support locally, statewide and nationally. He is head and shoulders above Dick Cheney.”- Sandy Briggs, Chair, Summit County Democrats”I wish it were the other way around – that Kerry was the vice presidential candidate. I like Edwards’ spirit. He grew up from poverty and made his money on his own.”- Kathy Bass, Durant, Okla.”I think the Democrats have to go further to the left to pick up the Nader votes. Kerry probably would have had a better chance if he had picked up Dean, instead of trying to go conservative. It’s another Democratic party cop-out to get those Southerners.”- Ira Wertenteil, Silverthorne

“I expect Senator Edwards will now be away much of the time campaigning. From the perspective of a small businessman, I am hopeful that one less trial lawyer present and voting in the Senate will mean that we can finally make some progress on issues that matter to the American people, such as permanent tax reduction and tort reform.”- U.S. Senator Wayne Allard (R-Colo.)”I’m a Republican, so I haven’t been following it too closely, but I’m thinking of switching parties for this election, so I’m going to study up on (Edwards). I think Bush made some major mistakes and has too many friends and close ties in the oil business. I think part of our oil problems are because of that.”- Doug Rose, Silverthorne”I think Edwards is an excellent choice. He came from a more modest background, and he’ll balance Kerry’s privileged background.”- Scott McCuaig, Leadville”I think Edwards will help shore up the conservative Democratic vote. I think Edwards was a good, safe move politically for Kerry.”- Steve Copeland, Denver

“I’m a business owner here, and I’m a Republican. (Kerry’s choice) doesn’t matter to me. Edwards being a trial lawyer, I don’t believe he’ll get the business vote. And I don’t think he’ll carry the South.”- Dwayne Gill, Denver”I just hope anybody but Bush wins.”- Andrew Sobolewski, Dillon”I was shocked (by Kerry’s decision) – Edwards is such a clown. I’m normally a Republican conservative, but I’m voting for Kerry because I work for the Vietnam veterans. I think Kerry understands that better than Bush, who just parades around in a flight suit. I don’t like the idea of sending those kids out there (to Iraq) for nothing.”- June Hansen, Silverthorne”The Democratic party is the most in line with my convictions, but this isn’t the strongest I’ve felt for Democratic candidates. I think Kerry and Edwards walk the middle too much.”

– Tom Paladi, Frisco”Edwards is a real person who knows what it’s like to work from the bottom-up. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth like all the rest.”- Marian Piersall, Abilene, Texas”I’m not supporting Kerry, but I think he made the most logical choice (in a running mate) to advance his ticket. Edwards isn’t carrying any baggage.”- Joe Jenkins, Kansas City, Mo. and Keystone”John Edwards represents the American Dream. He came from humble beginnings, the son of a mill worker, to now serving in the U.S. Senate. He has spent a lifetime standing up for people; he knows their struggles and their hopes. I am proud that Senator Edwards endorsed me here in April; he represents a fresh start for America and he is a great choice for John Kerry.”- Ken Salazar, Colo. attorney general, U.S. Senate candidate- compiled by Julie Sutor

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