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"Somebody else’ kept denying home delivery by the post office

In 1998, I contacted the Dillon post office to request home delivery.

I ended up writing the postmaster general, our representative, and both senators. The post office would write that “somebody” was refusing to allow delivery in my area, so I would contact the “somebody,” who would deny the refusal and write or send something to that effect.

It would then become “somebody else.” Eventually the post office quit responding. I still have all the correspondence. The main case that the post office made was that the county and the towns would not allow mail delivered in the manner in which the post office had to deliver it, and therefore we were not eligible for free boxes.

It would probably be cheaper to just give us free boxes than to home deliver the mail, but it seems that the post office is not interested in either of these options.

Also, thanks to the post office for returning the recycle bins.

I had no intention of reading the junk mail that I now place in the recycle bins.

On another matter, Keystone has built a clientele of families and wealthy retirees. The mountain is well suited to these populations.

The clientele who would frequent an indoor skate park or BM track doesn’t mix well with young children or retirees.

Why would Keystone risk alienating a large group of skiers who are very loyal to the mountain just to attract a new group that is not going to find Keystone Mountain very much to their liking?

With the baby boom generation approaching retirement, why not work on attracting more of this group?

An enhanced tennis center/club would certainly fit that demographic better. Is there enough demand for two world-class freestyle centers such a short distance apart? Does anyone really know whether a freestyle center with other activities aimed at young males is capable of turning a profit?

It’s not necessarily a bad idea, it just doesn’t seem well thought out, and it seems counterproductive to destroy an existing amenity to make room for it.

What has happened to caring for people and for the environment?

Gail Taylor


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