Sorry Morgan, electric cars are coming |

Sorry Morgan, electric cars are coming

In Morgan Liddick’s recent column, he laments the coming of plug-in electric cars and suggests that Americans are naive to believe they are the solution to our energy crisis.

Recently GM, Toyota, and Honda announced they will be rolling out these electric cars in the near future. These cars will get much higher mileage per dollar spent than cars running on internal combustion engines. They will also leave no carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global warming, the destruction of our lodgepole pine forests, and the melting of the Arctic ice caps (and the subsequent extinction of polar bears).

And contrary to Morgan’s assertion, they can be run completely on wind and solar power. (A 10-minute phone call to XCel Energy can get your household switched from the standard “dirty” electricity to totally renewable wind and solar electricity. It cost me an additional $3 to $4 month.)

For those of you who still haven’t figured it out, the reason why our lodgepole pine forests are turning brown is that the Summit County winters (thanks to global warming) are no longer cold enough to kill these pesky critters. Every time I gaze out at the destruction of the ecosystem around us, I’d like to personally thank Morgan and his fellow Republicans who elected G.W. (also known as Global Warmer) Bush instead of voting for the man who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in fighting climate change.

Back in 1998, when oil was around $25/ barrel, Bush said that the reason crude oil prices were so high was because the Clinton administration did not have an energy policy.

Now with crude oil hovering close to $150/ barrel, it seems obvious that Bush did have an energy policy … let all his fatcat oil tycoon buddies laugh all the way to the bank, while the rest of us cry all the way home from the pumps.

If you’re fed up, vote Democratic in November.

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