South Park Music Tour announces band lineup |

South Park Music Tour announces band lineup

Summit Daily/Eric Drummond

PARK COUNTY The band lineup for the South Park Music Tour, June 26-29, has been announced and can be seen in full at than 70 independent bands will play free music on 10 stages over four days.In addition to the music, the event will once again host a music industry conference on Friday, where musicians can learn about branding their band, reaching their audience, touring, getting a record deal, and getting their music on radio, TV and film.Industry professionals in attendance will include representatives from Warner Brothers Records, BMI, Blue Metallic Entertainment, Warrior Girls Music, Songsalive! and more.On Saturday June 28, Songsalive! will conduct an all-day songwriting camp. Songwriters and composers can gain feedback on their music and collaborate with other writers under the guidance of Songsalive! mentors. The Songsalive! Songcamp was designed by president and songwriter, Gilli Moon, who will be performing the festival. VIP Badges are $50 and offer access to VIP parties, free food and drinks throughout the weekend, along with the industry conference and the songwriting camp. Musicians who will perform at South Park Music Tour include Larry W. Johnson & CR Parsons, Gilli Moon, Sabrina Taylor, Breaking Laces, Caribbean Posse, Sight Unseen, Moose Knuckle, Kort McCumber, (die) PILOT, The Quills, Nocturnal Tomatoes, B.L.A.C.K., Gray Haven, Andre Comeau, Rebecca Owen, Thomas Pace, Brewed to Perfection, L-Toka, Ebeneezer, Propane Daises, PAINT, The Last Seen, Y825, Buckner Funken Jazz, Lunic, Hypernova, Caribbean Posse, AbleMonk, 127, Intervision, Alias, Ann Zimmerman, Mark Wayne Glasmire, JD Feighner, Amy Clarke, Tim Miller, Bottoms Up Blues, Sene Africa, Jason Vigil, Jiva Train, No-Longer Boys, Dean Station, Rojas Caliente, Saluting the Rockies, Logans Heroes, Switchpin, Strive Roots, Cari Dell, Kelly Aspen, Chuck Lawson, Ten Percent Genius, Anchondo, Fina Dupa, Nicole Torres, Olio, Gaia Rhythm Project, Debajo del Agua, Lion Vibes, Martini Shot, Motorhome, Rosin Coven, Brethren Fast, Cody Crump, Dale Robertson, Eric Roberts, Amy & the Rock Sisters, Jennifer Lane, Devastating Karate, Roger Falters and the Holden Young Trio.

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