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Spin game for CDOT

CDOT spins it again. They are truly the best “excuse makers” in the entire state of Colorado.

A week ago, one of their engineers drove Highway 9 from Silverthorne and was so disgusted at what he saw, he told our county commissioners that, when he got back to Denver, heads would roll.

Yeah, right. What he forgot was that no CDOT employee will ever be allowed to speak out against anything CDOT screws up. I’ve driven that road, and it is the worst construction site I have ever seen. Now the engineer has changed his story and blames it all on the rain. Well, it wasn’t raining when I was there, and the road was terrible.

Even the Summit Daily News got into the act, running a story providing every excuse CDOT had. The article should have been boxed in and said “paid advertisement” at the top. The paper should at least check out the conditions before it swallows the spin.

The biggest joke was where it was mentioned that the Guv, ol’ Asphalt Bill, traveled the road and got no negative feedback. He’s the No. 1 fan and employee of CDOT. The article ended as it started – as a fairy tale.

Think how CDOT impacts our everyday lives. The left-turn lane signal by the old Pizza Hut in Frisco has not worked for six months. Thousands of trees are being killed along our highways, yet CDOT insists the crap they spray for deicing isn’t harmful. They schedule work in the day in the middle of summer and back traffic up for hours.

The amazing thing is they get away with it, because they are the most powerful organization in our state. No one steps on their turf. No one dares make them accountable. If you don’t believe me, ask that engineer who thought he could speak out.

Editor’s Note: The story about Highway 9 construction relayed information that at least one person is suing CDOT for damages to his vehicle. The story contained quotes from CDOT and its reasoning for the problems with road construction. The “heads would roll” comment Mr. Wheeler is referring to is a paraphrased quote by a county commissioner who was speaking on a local radio station. It was not a direct quote.

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