Blue Goose wins fourth straight Massacre |

Blue Goose wins fourth straight Massacre

ADAM BOFFEYSummit Daily News
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BRECKENRIDGE – “Thank the rugby gods,” Gentlemen of the Blue Goose member Brian Jones said after Saturday’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Breckenridge.Jones’ appreciation stemmed from the fact that the Goose had just won its fourth consecutive Massacre with a dramatic 2-0 overtime victory against Fort Collins.”We got a lucky break off that kick (by Fort Collins),” said Jones, who was asked to describe the winning play he helped set up. “I started running back to follow it and when I turned around it was right above me, so I put my hands on it. I heard (teammate) Joe Pizzi screaming at me to go outside, but I went back inside because I was about to get nailed.”Pizzi recieved Jones’ pass and quickly sent it back out to the streaking John Tait, who out ran the last defender to break the 0-0 tie.”Getting out wide is pretty much how we scored all our tries today,” said Tait, who joined the Goose just one month ago. “We learned that we had to do that in the third game we played, and from then on it was just a matter of controlling the rock and getting it out to the wings.”

Joe Pizzi scored the Goose’s second try moments later to put the feisty Fort Collins side away for good.”It was a more physical match than normal,” conceeded Goose veteran Bryan Scott-Williams. “And more physical than any other match we played today, but it was the finals – that’s what you expect.”Scott-Williams, a South African native who joined the local club in the ’90s, was one of the few players on the pitch wearing shorts.”You just get so pumped,” he said, “you don’t feel the cold.”Breckenridge, which won last year’s tournament without giving up a single try, would have been perfect once again if it wasn’t for a 3-3 tie with Fort Collins in pool play.

“It’s not like last year when we ran over everybody,” Jon Wood said. “It was a little more competitive and more fun.”The Goose, which defeated Chicago and Western State in pool play, crushed the Harlequins 7-0 in the semifinals.Many of Saturday’s participants (from all teams) were limping around Carter Park by the time Saturday’s finals began around 3:30 p.m. The hosts were as banged up as anybody, but they ultimately had power in numbers.”We had fresh legs and were subbing in and out frequently,” Scott-Williams said. “I think that gave us more momentum than (Fort Collins), and I think we just had the drive to win.”Summit won the women’s tournament with a 1-0 victory over the Boulder Babes.

“They thought they were going to win it all,” Summit player-coach Kristin Yankowski said of the Babes, who defeated the hosts 2-0 earlier in the day, “because we were playing a lot of high school girls and Boulder had the downhill advantage in the second half. … But we controlled the ball better than they did.”Adam Boffey can be contacted at (970) 668-4634, or at

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