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Dillon Yacht Club finishes out 2012 sailing season

Janice Kurbjun
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Special to the Daily/Greg Schertz

On the next-to-last regatta weekend of the sailing season, the wind was uncooperative.

Dillon Yacht Club members took to the water at about noon Saturday, but inched out to the starting line, where the race committee boat had put up the “postpone” flag. Eventually, three races squeezed in on Saturday, the first two with “very squirrely winds,” said Bill Darling of the yacht club. The third had “perfect” wind conditions, he said, but kept races from finishing before 5 p.m.

“Sunday was a carbon copy of Saturday, except worse,” he said. “A perfect day for hiking, biking, waterskiing – but not for sailing. We completed only one race in very light and variable wind.”

Last weekend’s Mt. Elbert regatta took place the seventh week of the sailing season, and will be followed this weekend with the club’s final Changing of the Colors regatta.

Rick Norris on “Blue Streaker” won the Ensign Fleet with five points from four races (three first-place finishes and one second-place finish) while Rich Rheinhart on “Mendicino” won the Etchells Fleet with six points in four races (two firsts, two seconds).

In the J-22 fleet, David Baker won on “Up for Air” with nine points, and in the J-24 fleet, Greg and Sue Johnson took first in all four races to tally four points on “Pinotage.” Paul Kresge won the Star fleet, again finishing first across the board for four points on “Quick Feet” against Steve Ragle, sailing the only other boat in the class, “Predator.”

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September brings fall sailing to Dillon Reservoir, where the air becomes more crisp and has a bit of a nip to it.

“We get crystal blue days,” Dillon Yacht Club commodore Paul Kresge said, gesturing toward the sky. “We usually get steady winds” unlike the often-variable winds of mid-summer.

The trend is usually volatile in June, stormy in July, few winds in August and steady breezes in September to finish out the season. Sailors were disappointed with the lack of wind Saturday afternoon, but made the most of it by joking with each other and the race committee boat as they awaited a possible start.

The fleets were small Saturday, with just a handful of boats in each class.

“Things slow down after Labor Day,” Kresge said. Fewer sailors come from far away in the latter part of the season, but the regatta still had some crews driving in from the Front Range for the weekend.

The Star Districts Regatta from Labor Day weekend was a highlight of conversation as sailors and race coordinators sat waiting for the wind. On Sept. 1-2, the small star sailboats entered the race with strong winds that gusted to the point that several boats had to be shuttled back to the docks due to damage.

The chase and race committee boats helped pull sailors from the water, including a man who wasn’t wearing a life jacket and was dumped into the drink to tread water and wait for rescue while quickly losing energy as his clothes filled with chilly water. Other boats had crew members hanging onto the edge of the boat at times, or lost them in the water, but recovered.

Once the wind’s initial damage was accounted for with the carnage carried to shore, just a handful of sailboats started and finished early September’s star district regatta.

Ensign Fleet

Pl Name (Boat) Pts

1 Rick Norris (Blue Streaker) 5

2 Gerry Huttrer (Wildcat) 8

3 Ron Pierce (Ptarmigan) 13

4 Tom Keesling (Christopher C) 18

Etchells Fleet

Pl Name (Boat) Pts

1 Rich Rheinhart (Mendicino) 6

2 Scott Snyder (Bullseye) 8

3 Wayne Sauer (Wayne’s World) 10

4 Vonn Miller 19

5 Keith Tayman (Bad Dog) 22

J-22 Fleet

Pl Name (Boat) Pts

1 David Baker (Up for Air) 9

2 Jackson/Zagray (Butt Boat) 11

3 Lee Rawe/Dave McVey (Liberty) 13

4 George Darling (Camprobber) 16

5 Stan Strathman (Screaming Jeanie) 20

6 Margot Pendleton (Aspen Posse) 22

7 Peter Fornell 30

8 Mark DeDionisio (Groucho) 32

J-24 Fleet

Pl Name (Boat) Pts

1 Greg and Sue Johnson (Pinotage) 4

2 Elvis Bergman (Event Horizon) 8

Star Fleet

Pl Name (Boat) Pts

1 Paul Kresge (Quick Feet) 4

2 Steve Ragle (Predator) 8