Grinding out Guyot: Circumnavigation of Mount Guyot highlights Breck Epic Day 3 |

Grinding out Guyot: Circumnavigation of Mount Guyot highlights Breck Epic Day 3

Men’s Pro leader Jeremiah Bishop nearly doubled his lead margin over the rest of the 18-rider men’s pro pack on Stage 3 of the Breck Epic multi-stage mountain bike race on Tuesday. He circumnavigated Mount Guyot with the day’s fastest overall time (03:23:57.3) on the 41-mile, 8,100-foot elevation gain course.

With an overall time of 07:58:06.5 through three days, Bishop extended his lead to 08:34 ahead of second-place finisher Jamey Driscoll (08:06:40.9).

On the Women’s Pro side, a day after runaway leader Amy Beisel was forced out of the competition due to a broken collarbone suffered on course, Carla Williams extended her lead on Katrina Engelsted from 24-plus minutes to nearly 33 minutes. Williams finished Stage 3 in a time of 04:22:52.1, which was faster than five of the professional men on Tuesday. Overall, she pushed her three-day time to 10:19:46.8.

There were a couple of changes in division leaders on Stage 3.

In the Solo Men 30+ CAT 1 division, Ciro Zarate went from 07:44 back from Adam Zimmerman to 03:12.4 ahead of Zimmerman on Tuesday. Zarate’s time of 03:47:24.4 on Tuesday would have put him in 10th place out of 18 Men’s Pro riders for the Guyot course. It was also more than eight minutes faster than any other divisional time and 11 minutes faster than Zimmerman’s Stage 3 time.

In the Solo Men 50+ CAT 1 division, Dean Shreiner finished Stage 3 in first place overall with a time of 04:15:29. Both Shreiner and Pay Doyle jumped ahead of Darren Cox, the divisional leader entering Stage 3. Shreiner entered Wednesday’s Stage 4 01:06 ahead of Doyle and 08:21 ahead of Darren Cox.

The Breck Epic’s first batch of three-day races concluded on Tuesday. The three-day Solo Women Pro 1/2/3 division saw a final-day switch-up between first and second places.

Thanks to her blazing Stage 3 time of 04:42:11.2 on Tuesday, Jane Marshall of Team CTS jumped ahead of Sarah Max of Deschutes Brewery in the final overall standings. Marshall’s time was just under a half-hour faster than Max, who completed the Guyot course with the third-fastest time in the division, 05:10:12.8.

Entering the day, Marshall was just 26.7 seconds back from Max. To end the three-day event, Marshall’s time of 11:23:24.2 was 27:34.8 ahead of Max, who concluded the three days with an overall time of 11:50:59.

Of the four three-day races that concluded on Tuesday, Marshall was the second-most dominant winner of the four race winners, despite entering the day behind Max. Marshall’s overall time was 3.85 percent better than Max.

As for most dominant, it was Willem Jewett in the Solo Men 50+ CAT 1/2/3 age-group division that defeated the second-place finisher by 7.6-percent, as Jewett’s overall time of 06:01:32 was 25:30.2 faster than any other divisional competitor.

On Wednesday, the full six-day multi-stage race continued while the second batch of three-day races began. Wednesday’s Stage 4 required riders to traverse 44 miles over 6,300 feet of gain via the “Aqueduct” course. Official results were too late for the Summit Daily’s print deadline.

Thursday’s Stage 5 will be the annually praised “Wheeler” stage, with 4,900 feet of elevation gained over 32 miles. The Breck Epic will conclude on Friday with the 30-mile, 4,800-foot gain “Gold Dust” course.


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