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Los Viejitos rolls over the Nomads

KATE CHAPMANRec League Correspondent

BRECKENRIDGE – Soccer is the world’s game and perhaps in athletic circles, it represents a universal language. During High Country Soccer Association games, players hail from all the Americas, Europe and Australia. As one player from Minnesota stated, “The foreigners always seem a step ahead.” In their second week of indoor matches, the Nomads, made up of Argentineans, Americans fell 11-0 to Los Viejitos Friday at the Breckenridge Recreation Center.Victor Casillas, a 2005 Summit High School graduate buried the first goal around the second minute before adding a handful of others. When asked why he plays soccer, year-round with HCSA, Casillas stated, “It is my favorite sport. … Soccer is the thing I miss most about high school.”Together Casillas and his teammates employed flashy footwork to outplay the Nomads. Nonetheless, the Nomads had their fair share of chances, with many balls deflecting off the PVC pipes and zooming wide of the four-by-two-feet goals. Additionally, the Nomads, being new to the league, were unaware of a few rules that can impact the score, thus the game. Slide-tackling, for instance, is prohibited and results in an open-net kick from half. After Los Viejitos put away the penalty, their momentum continued. Amanda Wandtke, HCSA’s Director of Coaching, who refereed the match, said she thought that the game would have been closer if the Nomads key player Brian Keith was on the floor, but he’s currently trying out for Major League Soccer’s L.A. Galaxy.Wantke added that other HCSA players, such as SHS grad Kevin Pelan, will also soon be trying out for a spot on an MLS team. The various leagues and programs offered by HCSA offer year-round opportunities for players to learn, improve and hone their skills. Even if games are lopsided, fun abounds and the language of soccer is spoken full-force.