Pro freeskiing posse from back east shacks up in Breckenridge |

Pro freeskiing posse from back east shacks up in Breckenridge

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SUMMIT COUNTY It seems almost natural for high school athletes from opposing schools to develop an inherent dislike for one another.After the diplomas are handed out, however, things often change. Everyone is suddenly thrust into adult life and the opportunity for forming friendships arises.This is the essential background behind a group of six pro skiers from the East Coast, who now live under one roof in Breckenridge.Matt Philippi, Dan Marion and Taylor Felton went to Carrabassett Valley Academy in Maine and Henrik Lampert, Michael Clarke and J.P. Solberg went to Waterville Valley Academy in New Hampshire.The two ski academies were perennial rivals, which increased the familiarity between them.There were lots of schools (we competed with), Lampert recalled. But it seemed like it was always Waterville Valley and Carrabassett at the top.The talented young skiers kept in touch despite their differing alma maters and are now not only splitting utility costs, but throwing down together in this weekends U.S. Freeskiing Open at Copper Mountain. Everyone except Philippi, that is.The Massachusetts native tore his ACL two weeks ago while training for the X Games. If it werent for lots of pain and a pair of crutches, Philippi would be a U.S. Open favorite in both slopestyle and halfpipe.But sports go hand-in-hand with injury, which the positive-minded Philippi clearly recognizes.(All my roommates) are fired up for the U.S. Open, he said. Its hard not to be a part of it, but its good to see your friends do well.The East Coast posse is well represented this weekend in all three disciplines slopestyle, halfpipe and big air and the local shredders are ironically both pulling, and gunning for each other at the same time.Youre competitive with everybody, Felton said. You want to win. At the same time, when were skiing every day with all our house mates and friends, we tell them what looks good and what doesnt.This is why the happy household at the base of Breckenridges Peak 7 is good for the sport of freeskiing all its members keep teaching and pushing each other to be better. To be the best.Saturday’s Big Air Invitational winner Colby West is another local freeskier living with fellow pros.We train together all the time its all we do, said the Dillon dwelling West, who shares the duty of taking out the trash with Simon Dumont (a new Summit County home owner), Peter Olenick and TJ Schiller. A lot of kids have personal coaches they bring with them, but we just coach each other. … Its a little different.As would be expected, the bond extends from the slopes to the dinner table.(Foods) what we spend all or money on, Lampert said. Weve got our little cook book and weve got to eat healthy, so we make some extravagant meals.Philippi, naturally, has been given a break on the cooking front.(My roommates) are helping bring my food from the kitchen to the table and all that, he said. Everyones being really cool.Apparently, the roommate helpfulness factor goes even further.Its really good for networking, Philippi said. Between the six of us, we basically know everyone in the ski industry, so if we need a contact we can get it.Although Philippi, Clarke, Marion, Solberg, Lampert and Felton have an obviously great living situation for now, it is soon to change.Philippi will be returning to Colorado College in the coming weeks and Clarke and Lampert will head back to the University of Colorado sometime after the snow melts. Felton may not be too far behind.This is my third year off, so Ive got to start going to college, Felton said. Im thinking about Boulder.Theres always the spring semester to take off, however, which means six sick skiers could be reunited in time for next years U.S. Open. Considering their common interests, its far from inconceivable.Just killing it every day, Felton responded when asked if he and his cronies shared any goals. For a long time.Adam Boffey can be contacted at (970) 668-4634, or at