SHS boys basketball team suffers big loss at home |

SHS boys basketball team suffers big loss at home

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Summit Daily/Eric Drummond

FARMER’S KORNER – The boys who play on the Summit High School basketball team may have a legitimate excuse for not turning in their homework today at Farmer’s Korner.Some days you just want to put to an end by going to sleep, and who could blame the Tigers for grabbing a shower and crashing out after a 48-point loss to Ralston Valley.”We’re losing that team idea,” senior Joe Felton said after SHS dropped its eighth consecutive game (by a score of 80-32) and fell to 4-15. “That’s one thing we’ve lacked all year – I hope we can get that across our minds.”The Mustangs (13-5), who won their ninth consecutive game, cruised from the get-go. The visitors were bigger, faster and more highly touted.

“I think (the Tigers) were awe-struck,” SHS coach Mark Ruybal said. “We read the press clippings that said Ralston Valley was No. 2 in the state – I think we were expecting to get blown out and we got blown out.”The Mustangs were a model of confidence and execution throughout the evening.The Tigers, by contrast, went with a catch-and-shoot approach, especially after Ralston established a seemingly insurmountable lead after the first quarter (23-5).”We’re (usually) more patient offensively,” Ruybal said. “If something’s not there, we like to pull it out and take 2 or 3 minutes off the clock before we take a shot. … We rushed shots in the second half for sure because I think we were just trying to get back in it.”Felton, who led the Tigers with 13 points, was asked to put the loss and the state of the season in perspective outside of the locker room following Wednesday’s contest.

“It’s the worst loss we’ve had, but it’s not the worst we’ve felt,” Felton said. “Ralston is the No. 2 team in the state. It’s not like we came out thinking, ‘If we lose, (we’re bad), but I didn’t think we were going go lose by 48.”Hard times for SHS didn’t prevent the Tigers’ cheer team (which paid tribute to the ’80s decade with their garb and halftime performance) from encouraging the male hoopers to, “Be aggressive, be, be aggressive.”Surely, more aggressiveness will help the Tigers through the remaining four games of their schedule. And so will a love for the game.”You only get to play high school basketball once,” Felton said. “You get to play basketball with your friends and that should be fun – I hope everyone is having fun.”

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