Summit County Fishing Report: Fall means fewer anglers |

Summit County Fishing Report: Fall means fewer anglers

Dave Coulson
special to the daily

One of the benefits of the upcoming fall is fewer anglers on the water – both lakes and rivers. A second reason to get out the next few weeks is some of the best fishing of the year.

The Blue River continues to fish fair through Silverthorne. Look for morning hatches of midges and blue-winged olives. Nymphing is a better choice midday. Further downstream, it is an excellent time to be fishing hoppers, particularly with a dropper such as a bead-head pheasant tail. In a light breeze, ants and small beetle patterns are excellent choices also.

Dillon Reservoir is also a good option for the fall – particularly for anglers who concentrate their efforts in the evenings around the inlet areas. While many have great faith in baits, evening surface action makes the fly and bubble rig an excellent approach. Any dark fly size 14 or smaller has a good chance of producing. Just remember to retrieve your flies very slowly.

There have been lots of reports from South Park waters this last week, with Spinney Reservoir not fishing stellar. Still, fly fishers working the weed edges with woolly buggers and other streamers are producing a few nice fish in the 20-inch class. Small tube jigs are another good option as the trout are feeding well on crayfish. Remember, the south boat ramp is closed.

Elevenmile Reservoir has picked up for trout. As with Spinney, crayfish patterns fished near shore are excellent choices for flies or spinners. A good way to fish tubes (as a crayfish) is to cast them into the weeds at the weed edge and then pop them out. Let them drop and jig them back. The down side is the smaller pike also respond well to this technique.

The voluntary fishing closure on the Yampa River through Steamboat Springs has been lifted, effective immediately. Biologists with Colorado Parks and Wildlife say current flows are sufficient to allow for fishing recreation. The voluntary closure may be reinstituted if flows decrease in the near future. In the meantime, anglers are encouraged to fish during the morning and evening hours when water is cooler and to avoid putting excessive pressure on pools where fish may be concentrating.

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