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Summit County Weekly Fishing Report

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Summit County, Colorado

FRISCO – Most residents of the mountains prepare for the impending winter by getting their boards and skis waxed. Fish, well, they simply eat lots of flies tossed their way.

“It’s getting really good,” said Blue River Anglers’ Greg Smith of the fishing conditions in the area. “Fish definitely sense that urgency of winter coming on.

“Winter is really tough on fish, so they’re looking to feed as much as they can in the fall.”

And that’s certainly good for anxious anglers looking to tighten their lines.

The Blue River, which was flowing softly at 126 cfs as of Tuesday, continues to fish well locally. The best approach is still to toss some small dry flies and midges, and Smith said blue-winged olives have been hatching recently along the river.

The Colorado River continues to be one of the best areas for float fishing, according to multiple guides in the area, and the fish are biting much the same as they have in the past few weeks. That is to say, throwing hoppers – and even some hopper-dropper rigs with large nymphs trailing – should work well to land some fish.

On the Arkansas River, Smith said stimulators and small pheasant tails should work well.

The South Platte continues to produce strong fishing, as well. Smith said to look to crystal pheasant tails, green copper Johns and some hoppers.

In all, fall normally provides great fishing for mountain anglers. With water levels low and the streams clear, fish will be rising.

Also, brown trout should begin spawning in the area, and local guides are looking ahead to the Kokanee salmon run out of Green Mountain Reservoir on the Blue River. The salmon swim upstream toward Silverthorne and normally congregate in low, cool pools along the river.

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