Summit Daily Gear Guide: MicroDualist is a streamlined solution for the backcountry |

Summit Daily Gear Guide: MicroDualist is a streamlined solution for the backcountry

Special to the DailyPracticality: 5/5

When I unpacked this little device, I was shocked and surprised that so much came out of one tiny package.

GSI Outdoors puts two mugs (with lightweight neoprene insulation on the exterior), together with two bowls, two sporks, a pot with more capacity than you’d think, and a water-tight bag for washing to make up the Halulite MicroDualist cooking system. It’s even made to be compatible with small canister stoves.

Unfortunately, I backpack with a WhisperLite, so my kitchen wasn’t as compact as I’d have liked, but it was nice to be able to put all my dishes together and know where they were when rummaging around for them.

GSI Outdoors, the manufacturer, also pays attention to ease of cleaning, and lines these bowls with something slick that makes it so the lick-it-clean-then-sterilize-in-hot-water washing method works nicely.

My only complaint is the bowls don’t hold as much food as I’d probably need on a longer, more strenuous adventure. I also found the utensil’s durability questionable, as my clumsy self was able to break the click-in-place handle extension on the first use.

But for me, I think having my gear streamlined and easy to use is worth more than having a larger bowl. I might have to pack a metal utensil set, but I look forward to taking the microDualist along on other adventures, since it worked so well in the Glacier National Park backcountry. I even think it won over my MSR-loyal boyfriend. We had our MSR pots with us, and we opted instead for the MicroDualist when packing for our shorter overnight adventures.

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Priced at about $55, the GSI Outdoors MicroDualist is an affordable and efficient backcountry solution.

– The GEAR GAL, Janice Kurbjun, works hard and plays hard in the mountains.