The Breakdown: While watching the snow fall |

The Breakdown: While watching the snow fall

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Summit County, Colorado

Sports editor Bryce Evans

I had some solid plans for how I’d possibly spend the last day of summer, which was officially on Monday. I thought I’d maybe go fishing or even play some golf. Whatever it was, I wanted to be outside.

Well, that was the plan, until I woke up to snow swirling around my window and another couple of inches of the white stuff blanketing the grass. Indian Summer? More like an Eskimo Summer. Get your igloos ready.

Now, I guess the snow is the reason that a lot of us live in this county. After all, we’re right in the heart of ski country. But snow – for a few straight days now – in September isn’t something I get too excited about, even if it’ll probably melt by the weekend.

(Tangent: My golden retriever, on the other hand, couldn’t have been more pumped. He literally ran around in circles in the snow for a solid 10 minutes. But I normally don’t trust his opinions on things.)

So, I spent the majority of Monday inside. Actually, except taking the dog for a walk, I spent the entire day inside.

Don’t worry, though, all was not lost; it got me thinking – a pathetic amount – about sports.

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For instance, I kept pondering the Florida Gator football team and their extremely over-hyped win against a pretty poor Tennessee team. And how Urban Meyer, normally all-class, blamed his team’s performance on his players being “sick.” Making that kind of excuse was even weaker than the way his team played.

I also tried to figure out how the Broncos have a better record than 21 NFL teams, including the Steelers and Patriots.

Then, I got caught up on the dozens of trades and roster changes for the upcoming NHL season. Can anyone believe the Bruins traded Phil Kessel, a 21-year-old, potential 50-goal scorer? Oh wait, no one pays attention to hockey. I’ll just move on then.

Above all else, I wanted to mention a play that kept running through my head all weekend. It came at the Summit High football game Friday night. It was hands down the best play of the night – and it happened at half time, while the Tigers were in the locker room.

The Snow Tigers – the county’s youth football program – had a couple teams of second- and third-graders out playing flag football during the intermission.

In the midst of the coaches sifting through the chaos of about 10 kids aside trying to line up in something that almost resembles a formation, a boy took the snap from center, only to have three defenders rush him. He spun away from one opponent, juked another, then leaned back and hucked a pass down the field … right into the arms of his receiver about 20 yards down the field! The receiver snagged it with ease and ran the rest of the way for a 40-yard touchdown. About four kids on the team that scored – and both coaches – went crazy as the semi-paying-attention crowd cheered. The rest of the kids wandered around and danced to the music on the PA system.

This single play made my Friday night, which was spent pacing the sideline in the cold. In one moment, this play embodied everything that I love about sports: the unexpected (before the play the kids could barely figure out if they were supposed to be on offense or defense; I didn’t think a pass was even an option), the incredible (it was seriously a very good, tight spiral that went at least 18 yards in the air) and the inspirational (Seeing a bunch of kids just having fun and running around like they were is a good way to remember to enjoy life).

So, even though I didn’t get what I wanted out of the last day of summer, at least I got a column out of it.