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Spring thaw reveals transgressions of unthoughtful pet owners

I would like to add a third voice to the two nondog-owners you referred to in (the April 22) Summit Up.

I’m sure there are more, but they are probably just tired of crying in the wilderness about the annual unpleasantness, the Thawing of the Dog Poop.

As the sun warms the ground and the piles begin to evaporate, we now get to breathe what we just had to look at. And soon, we can drink it as it seeps into our ground water.

Never is it more obvious than now, when all the piles appear at once and the odor permeates the air, what an extensive problem it is.

We know there are diseases that cross over from animals to humans – AIDS for one, and now studies point to SARS for another. Do we have to be confronted with disease before we address this issue of proper waste disposal?

It is clearly the responsibility of the owner to pick it up. Don’t go out without some plastic bags and the intention of picking up and disposing of your dog’s waste. I think it would be permissible to drop it in the nearest trash bin.

I certainly would be willing to let people use my trash bin instead of letting their dogs crap right by my front door and leaving it there.

Yes, add sidewalks, alleys, other people’s yards to your list of bike paths, hiking trails, etc., so thoughtlessly littered. A few weeks ago at 6 a.m., I went out to get my Summit Daily on Main Street in Frisco and found a big pile directly in front of the newspaper box. Editorial comment? No, I’m sure these “companions” are smart, but I don’t think any of them can read.

Attitudes will have to change at the most basic level before there will be a difference. I can remember when nothing was thought of tossing litter from car windows. In fact, children were told to toss it and not mess up the car. When people and cars increased exponentially, it became a problem, and attitudes had to change to correct the problem.

People who have dogs in their lives should be the most active advocates – not the biggest offenders – in addressing this problem. Next would come vets (whose very livelihood depends on dogs), businesses such pet supply stores and reporters who write warm, fuzzy articles such as “Pets Make People Happy.” All have the perfect opportunity, if not obligation, to promote proper dog waste disposal.

This letter was written on Earth Day. What better time to show respect for our planet and all its inhabitants – people and animals alike?

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