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Sprouse: It’s an acceptable tax

Elan Sprouse, Breckenridge

Re: “Breckenridge’s bag tax: To pay or not to pay?” Robert Johnson, letters

As the ski season ends, a few weeks of spring sunshine melting away the snow will reveal what the tourists and our own citizens have forgotten. Cups, single gloves, dozens of single-use handwarmers and, of course, plastic bags. It is disheartening to see how much refuse is left behind, and as a response the community comes together for a town Clean-Up Day to keep Breckenridge and Summit County beautiful. Why not take it one small step further?

So here’s my plan: continue to use the reusable bags I keep in my car, use the dozens of plastic bags I have faithfully stored to reuse as trash bags, and never worry or need to pay the tax. When my stock of bags does run out, I know a dollar’s worth will be cheaper than buying a box of trash bags, and I will consider it another purchase to add to my grocery list.

By continuing to shop in town, I will save the gas Mr. Johnson plans to spend traveling to another town (to save a difference in .5 percent of sales tax, and Silverthorne has the same tax rate as Breck!) and will keep my community employed.

For those with dogs, the town already provides degradable pooh bags. In the end, I will accept this tax as what it is: an incentive to make us locals think twice about single-use items, and a tax for the negligently lazy and excessively wasteful vacationer.

Elan Sprouse, Breckenridge

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