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Staging a Living Room

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Several key staging elements come into play with this Living Room.

We’ve decluttered the shelves and the mantel. We’ve rearranged furniture in the room to open up the space and make the eye move from one end of the room to the other. Drawing the eye to the opposite side of the room helps to magnify the square footage of the space. In the before picture, the sofa is placed in front of the fireplace.

When glancing into the room from behind the sofa, the eye immediately stops at the sofa. It becomes a barrier that’s difficult to push through. In the after picture, the eye easily moves from the back of the room, between the two chairs, along the coffee table, and up to the fireplace – the focal point of the room.

The focal point is enhanced by balancing the accessories on the mantel and having fewer pieces that distract the eye. Another staging element that was put to good use is the placement of greenery in the room. Adding greenery to a room makes it easier on the eye, and it gives a room a more comfortable, lived-in feel. As in this room, the greenery is very subtle, but very effective in giving the room a pleasing look.”

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