Stan Rosko: Who’s raising our kids? |

Stan Rosko: Who’s raising our kids?

Stan Rosko
Aurora, Ohio (and Keystone visitor)

Have you ever asked yourself why the vast majority of the kids do the things they do today? Dress the way they do? No respect for anybody or anything? Talk the way they talk? Think it’s all about them? No consequences for their wrong actions? Have no social skills? Etc., etc.

The answer is simple, but before we look at it, let’s look at the average daylight hours in our youth’s day today.

When they are in school, who’s there to teach them right from wrong, how they should act, etc.? Teachers don’t, that’s not their job. When they get home from school, who’s there to direct them in the proper ways of life? Their parents, or single mother or father aren’t, they’re working. During summer non-school months, who’s there to help them grow up to be responsible adults – their parents aren’t, they’re working.

Here’s the worst of all: When most kids parents are with them, the parents let them do what they want to do, whether what they are doing is right or wrong, good or bad. You’ve been around these families, come on, admit it! You want to go up and “smack the parents” for not guiding their kids in the right and proper things to be doing in life.

So who is it that are teaching our kids to do the things they do today? The simple truthful answer is: Our Kids Are Raising Our Kids! Their “peers” – TV and electronic games – are guiding them through their formative years! They are even playing games where they are scored on how many people they kill! So, when they grow up, how can we expect them to be well adjusted, responsible, caring, lovable, honest and productive adults, when their peers are guiding them through their formative years?

Let’s take a look why the vast majority of mothers are working today and not staying at home raising their kids. The fact of the matter and the biggest problem with our parents today is we want it, we want it now, we want the best and we can’t say no, so most families need two incomes! And because we think and act this way, we have multiple large credit card debt, no or very little savings, give our kids everything they want, etc. When they are with their kids, very few guide their children properly.

Another major problem with raising our kids today is there are no consequences for their actions! Think about it. When a lot of young people do something that is not morally, socially or respectfully correct, they think nothing of it, because no one has guided them down the path of right or wrong. In their minds, they have done nothing wrong!

As I stated in my second paragraph, the answer is simple, but the solution is not! The sad truth of the matter is, if nothing is done to change it, our nation and society is going to be in big trouble.

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