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Star Wars Quiz

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NEW YORK ” We’ve traveled from the deserts of Tatooine to the forests of Endor to find the most impossibly difficult “Star Wars” trivia questions. May the Force be with you (answers at bottom):

a) Are twins

b) Were originally to have been played by Donny and Marie Osmond

c) Accidentally got together one night when they were really drunk

d) Were the inspiration for the characters Luke and Laura on “General Hospital”

a) Is perhaps the most despised character in the “Star Wars” universe

b) Was maligned as depicting a racial stereotype

c) Has inspired “Kill Jar Jar” Web sites

d) All of the above

a) Boba Feet, shoe store

b) Java the Hut, coffee shop

c) Han Soloflex, exercise supplies

d) Chewbacky, smoke shop

a) George Wendt

b) Rhea Perlman

c) Bebe Neuwirth

d) John Ratzenberger

a) Is neither male nor female

b) Looks rough but is made of the finest cashmere Kashyyyk has to offer

c) Is 200 years old but doesn’t look a day over 150

d) Secretly always wanted to live a quiet life as an area rug, but ended up as Han Solo’s partner instead

a) Lucite

b) Carbonite

c) Kryptonite

d) Ewok snot

a) Three-foot-eight British dwarf Kenny Baker

b) “Mini-Me” actor Verne Troyer

c) A series of agile, precocious children

d) No one ” he’s operated entirely by remote control

a) Broke up, but the split was amicable and they remain good friends

b) Are shacking up on Naboo

c) Have secretly married

d) Are planning to record an album of duets

a) Red

b) Green

c) Blue

d) Yoda can’t operate a lightsaber ” his hands are too small

a) Was a slave

b) Was a stud skateboarder

c) Wanted to be a fireman

d) Still wet his bed in the middle of the night

a) Tony Randall

b) Jude Law

c) Alec Guinness

d) Anthony Daniels

a) The New Deal

b) The “Just Say No” plan

c) The Strategic Defense Initiative

d) A Thousand Points of Light

a) Is an enormous, powerful weapon that the Empire created to destroy other planets

b) Initially was going to blow up the Earth but settled on Alderaan instead

c) Wasn’t built in a day

d) Is the name of a new reality series on Fox in which ghosts compete against each other for a recording contract and instant fame

a) He goes to heaven

b) He’s reincarnated as a tree in the swamp where Yoda is hiding

c) He’s commemorated with a 37-cent stamp

d) He becomes one with the Force

a) Believe C-3PO is their god

b) Were patterned after the cuddly teddy bear from the Snuggle fabric softener commercials

c) Must never be fed after midnight

d) Make great pets

a) Miss Piggy

b) Fozzie Bear

c) Cookie Monster

d) All of the above

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