State Fair stands by premise ID policy |

State Fair stands by premise ID policy

LAKEWOOD – The Colorado State Fair Board of Commissioners has voted to keep a policy requiring exhibitors to register locations where their animals were raised.Commissioners voted 8-1 Friday at its monthly meeting to stand by the policy set last year. The policy mirrors part of the controversial National Animal Identification System, a voluntary federal program.Supporters say the “premise ID” portion of the NAIS allows animals to be tracked relatively quickly in case of an animal disease outbreak.Opponents say registration is an invasion of privacy. They have objected to requiring participation in the voluntary federal premise ID program.Two exhibitors were disqualified from the state fair this year because their premises weren’t properly registered.Fair commissioners plan to look at expanding premise ID requirements to all large animals that will be on the fairgrounds during the 11-day state fair.”Any type of leadership comes with criticism,” said John Stulp, state commissioner of agriculture. “I think we did right by the state and the Colorado State Fair in a step to ensure the safety of our livestock industry.”Jeanne Robinson, livestock coordinator for the fair, said packing plants in the state are looking at making premise ID required before slaughter.

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