State troopers recognized at Keystone |

State troopers recognized at Keystone

Caddie Nath
summit daily news

At first glance, it looked like a routine accident.

But the single-vehicle crash in Summit County May 7 turned out to be just the beginning in a case that, upon further investigation, revealed evidence of child exploitation, prostitution, drugs, felony weapons violations, tax evasion, money laundering and sexual assault.

The driver in the accident that would unravel a crime ring for Colorado State Patrol. When trooper Nathan Emery responded to the call, he discovered the driver was a possible victim of sex assault and ensured she received the care she needed.

“Through trooper Emery’s keen investigative work during a seemingly routine crash, a victim of sexual assault was protected from further emotional and physical abuse,” state patrol spokesman trooper Mike Baker stated in a recent release.

Emery and nine other law-enforcement officials were recognized Thursday at a ceremony at Keystone’s Warren Station for their services during specific calls.

Clear Creek and Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies and state patrol authorities were also honored at the event for helping save the life of the driver of a runaway vehicle.

The man called 911 in a panic in August when his vehicle would not stop accelerating. The car flew through Lakewood on Interstate 70 at speeds exceeding 110 mph as traffic increased, heightening the risk of a serious accident. State patrol communication technician Amanda Straley, who was among those recognized Thursday, stayed on the phone with the distraught driver and helped orchestrate an intervention strategy. The car was eventually stopped on a runaway truck ramp where the incident ended with a minor accident that caused only slight damage to two patrol vehicles. No one was injured.

Commander’s citations were awarded to Colorado State Patrol’s sergeant Joy Grissom, troopers Luke Pinner, Brendan Simmons, Colin Remillard and Straley. Clear Creek County deputies Brett Dhieux, Joel Buehrle and Jefferson County deputies Elias Alberti and Willard Billings received certificates of appreciation Thursday morning.

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