Steiska: To serve or not to serve |

Steiska: To serve or not to serve

Jack Steiska

Re. “Draft-dodger calling Obama un-American,” by Thomas Gallen, letters Aug. 21

Romney dodged the draft sounds like one man’s opinion, with no facts to back it up. He asks has any other candidate for president dodged the draft. The answer is no. Who really knows? However, that doesn’t mean changes aren’t made. Mose recently Bill Clinton had to address questions levelled at him regarding his avoidance of military service during his campaign for president. None of that scrutiny stopped him from serving two terms as commander in chief. The truth is the electorate doesn’t seem to care very much whether or not a future president served in uniform or not.

Romney’s opposition has decided to characterize him as the out-of- touch rich guy that singlehandedly destroyed companies for personal gain. Stashed vast sums of money offshore and in the process avoided paying U.S. taxes. Oh, I almost forgot the poor dog on the roof of the car story. That’s plenty right there for them to twist and convolute. Lack of military service, not needed.

So, I guess I do agree Mr. Gallen, one veteran to another, your views as stated more than once in your column are indeed “not worth a grain of salt.”

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