Stephanie Burt: A wonderful cause |

Stephanie Burt: A wonderful cause

Stephanie Burt

On March 28, my 90-years-young mom passed away after being under hospice care since the previous June. She was bed ridden since October 2008 and was so wonderfully cared for that she got to live out her life in her own home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where I lived until coming to Colorado in 1974.

I am trying to raise money and awareness of the importance of the wonderful home care that hospice provides. The name of the hospice center is Vitas (which means “life” in Latin). Whether or not people donate money to this particular hospice center is not the point of me writing this letter but rather to raise awareness. You can reach me by e-mail at and I am also hoping to be able to put flyers with donation envelopes attached to them around town. I am so strongly attached to Vitas because they not only cared for my mother until after her last breath but also helped my sister and me through the most difficult time in our lives. Just a thanks to anyone interested in what I think is a wonderful cause.