Stephen Brauns: Not a fan of politicians |

Stephen Brauns: Not a fan of politicians

Stephen Brauns

We are free to vote, but vote for what? Most people regardless of political persuasion know our government is busted and politicians are liars.

When asked for my vote by a state representative candidate, I stated, “I want a commitment that you’ll do what the electorate wants and not what you want.” He responded, “I’m not a politician, I’m honest, I have integrity.” I said, “I’ve heard that before, my question remains.” The man walked away, question unanswered.

Preparing for November elections, our choice is Democrat or Republican. Senatorial candidates report that neither is a good person. Buck is nefarious, says Bennet. Bennet is less than an honorable person according to Buck. Wow, two men running, each saying the other is unworthy. Politicos give themselves outrageous salaries, lifetime benefits, plus a free health package far better than what they provide us. They get a great deal; we get leftovers, paying for it all.

People expound their views, blaming opposition parties for our ills. Obama is not responsible for our problems, but socialism and controlling government won’t work. Conservatives and liberals, being so myopic in their dogma, must realize both parties put us in this hole.

The electorate must understand, if we do not take control of the politicians, we will only get more of the same. It is not about the two parties, it’s about the way the parties deceive and divide us to protect their needy egos and gilded lilies. Should Obama be re-elected, I doubt it. Should Gingrich and Palin be elected? Never! Politicians divide us for egotistical self-interest; they take care of themselves, they do not care about you – they really don’t. It is time the rider controlled the horse. It’s your future and your money. What are you going to do?

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