Stephen R. Wyman: Health care bill a mess |

Stephen R. Wyman: Health care bill a mess

Stephen R. Wyman
Copper Mountain

Charlie Finn’s article, unrelated to health care reform, in the Dec. 23 SDN Opinion section, has a line which exactly captures my feelings about the Obama/Reid Health Care Reform Bill: “Righteous anger, sad disgust, helpless indignation.” Obama, Reid and Democratic allies are ignoring not only any pretense of bipartisan cooperation, but also the majority will of the people who want health care reform, but not their kind of dictated calamitous health care reform. They are in the role of a schoolyard bully having the unmitigated gall to ram this junk health care bill down the American people’s throats as an unchangeable law by future law makers! This effort by the Obama et. al. appears to me more like what the public can expect from a dictatorial communist regime!

This health care reform bill secretly written behind closed doors by Reid, his Democrats and, YES! their insurance company pals, bodes ruinous financial consequences for the American taxpaying public, even ignoring the multi-billion dollar pork payoffs to certain democratic senators. Obama’s health care reforms, if passed as written, will not come into effect for American taxpayers until 2014, yet Democrats have written into this so-called Health Care Reform Bill 14 new taxes (i.e. three immediately upon passage, another seven imposed in 2011 and the remaining four new taxes imposed in 2012/13). The new taxes will hit all middle income and above taxpayers, not just those with incomes above $200k, as previously represented by our current disingenuous president. And, I guarantee that the insurance companies will drive up the cost to the American public of health insurance whether private or employer provided (the latter may disappear altogether). In fact, history bears out the fact that once Government becomes involved, the cost to the taxpaying public doubles, triples or worse.

A sidebar to this health care reform is a disingenuous untruth often quoted by Democrats and their cronies that the USA is ranked 37th of 191 countries by the World Health Organization (WHO). The facts are that if restricted to health care outcomes without overarching ideologies, the WHO rates the USA No. 1 in the world. I have visited and worked in 50 countries outside the USA, and I can tell you that when compared to the United States health care there is not a country that can match our current system based on health care given. Most, if not all such countries government health care systems operate in the red or are bankrupt, or the peoples taxes are sky high compared to our U.S. taxes.

I say to our Congressmen, find a better way that is simpler and less costly to the American taxpayer and without “PORK” to solve the uninsured’s health care issue!

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