Stephen R. Wyman: Let’s clean house |

Stephen R. Wyman: Let’s clean house

If I read this SDN “Opinion” letter correctly, State Sen. Gibbs went to Washington, D.C.. to testify about Colorado’s pine beetle devastation and his “testimony was blocked” by the GOP. The reasons given by the writer are the Republicans have 1. “vowed blind non-cooperation with our president and the Democrats”; 2. “no regard to the outcome for our country”; 3. “used an arcane rule without unanimous consent”; and, acted “childish.” No surprise to me, the reasons given by this writer exactly fit how our president and the Democrats acted in passing ObamaCare into law (i.e. blind non-cooperation with the GOP; no regard to the outcome of its effect on our country; use of an arcane rule “reconciliation” without unanimous consent; and acting childish) with the only difference being Obama and the Democrats acted the “school-aged child bully.”Nevertheless, both the GOP and the Democrat (including Obama) forms of such childish behavior are unacceptable! That’s exactly why I continue to call on the American voters to clean house of all incumbents as they come up for reelection!! The referred to writer correctly says “They are elected officials with a responsibility to our country and its citizens, all of its citizens.” Yet, the writer’s reference is applied only to the GOP, when it should apply also to the president, Democrats, and Independents as well! The writer’s complaint about pine beetle testimony aside, I have a much bigger issue with the school yard level of “bullying” practiced by Obama, his staff and the Democrats in cramming ObamaCare (and other unwanted legislation) down the American citizens’ throats when clearly polls showed the majority of Americans did not want this expensive and potentially economically damaging health care legislation. Health care reform – Yes!, but not the devastatingly corrupt ObamaCare! A brief word about Gibbs’ pine beetle testimony. This issue has been a serious forest devastation problem in Colorado for the last 40-50 years, maybe longer! In the 70’s, I started spraying my own property’s 40 pines and they are still alive and well today! Gibbs’ testimony is way too late, and where have Colorado’s elected officials and the forest services (State & Federal) been? Sitting on their hands, ignoring the public calls for solutions and actions to prevent and curb the pine beetle problem. I have no empathy for Colorado’s elected officials and the State and Federal forest services officials who have essentially ignored the pine beetle problem for decades, often using the tired old phrase “Nature will take care of the problem.” as their excuse.

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