Stephen R. Wyman: Politics is the problem |

Stephen R. Wyman: Politics is the problem

Stephen R. Wyman
Copper Mountain, CO Colorado

Re: W. Gerald Bird’s Feb. 12 SDN letter “Same old GOP playbook”:

After reading your response to a Mr. Pacot’s SDN letter, I roared with laughter because every negative word or phrase used by you (i.e. “… ruining the country and world”; “obstruct, distort, demean …”; “… failed policies …”; “… shameful …”; etc., can be applied to all politicians, regardless of party affiliations, and for all time. Even “Ole” Abe Lincoln was slammed in his day for unilaterally barring habeas corpus and free press. Get over your negativity and, as Americans, let’s do everything we can to see that our politicians, regardless of left, right, or centrist positions, do the right thing for the American people!

Our country’s biggest problem is that our whole government (Democrats, Republicans, independents), and the many greedy special interests have made, or caused to be made, many bad economic and political decisions over many past decades leading to the economic cellar of today. No one or two individuals as you claim are solely to blame. Yes! Obama has inherited our country’s leadership at a very bad time in our history, and we expect him to fulfill his campaign promises with full involvement of all politicians, and the American people.

The so-called stimulus bill, along with the bank-bailout bill and others to follow are and will be bouncing around Congress for approval by our politicians and our new president. Are these bills being initially drafted with input from all parties? No! Do they contain considerable pork? Yes! Has the process been “transparent”? No!

We, as the American public, must do more. I encourage you and other “negatives” like you, to be “positive” and write your legislators and tell them what you do and don’t like about these new bills intended to help our economy and the American public.

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